Hi, my name is Audrey Delaspre and I wish to help horse owners to improve their horse riding skills, better understand their horses behavior and refine their aids while training with their lovely horse.


  • You speak English
  • You have a horse
  • You wish to take horse riding lessons or do ground work
  • If you live in Switzerland, I can come to you
  • If you live far or abroad but you have a Pivo, Pixel or Pixio, we can plan a live online training !

Even though I am a dressage and jumping rider, my trainings are based on horse education, posture and observation, which can help both classic and western horse riders to improve their relationship and performance with their horses.

If you and your horse are looking to work on :

  • a better connection between you two while working together
  • fears/anxieties, whether they belong to your horse or you
  • your posture, weather for the ground work or on your horse
  • refine your aids while riding

Contact me to discuss what you are looking for and I will do my best to help you and your horse !